Alexandra Bell

Sound Artist

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Digital Portfolio

You are Cordially Invited to Purr

Kaleidosonic Installation.
Patriothall Gallery Edinburgh July 2021.

This immersive installation visualises sound using vibrations. The viewer is invited to leave behind the anger and politics of society for a moment and meditate visually and aurally within in the solfeggio frequencies – the primordial cosmic tones of mental and physical healing.

Treasure Hunt for the Imagination

Audio Walk including Sound Sculptures 
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021.
Shortlisted for the HearSay Audio Prize 2021.
Leith School of Art 2020 Prize, Outstanding New Work in Contemporary Art.
Radiophrenia 2020 Broadcast Programme. 
Published within Eleven Contemporaries, an Artists’ book 2020.
The soundscape hunts for learning from past pandemics and imagines positive change resulting from the present coronavirus.   A 200-year tour is set within the artist’s daily lockdown loop walk around maritime Leith, challenging perception of time, place & possibility. Immersive scenes describe 1918’s influenza pandemic, present day lockdown and the future in 2120, using music, story, poetry & sound. The work acknowledges the invisibility of sound and virus, contrasted with their materiality and emotive power. Includes free magic.

Spiral of Silence

Soundscape. April 2020. (6min 07s)
Radiophrenia 2020 Broadcast Short Soundwork

The soundscape comments on the ideology of free speech, compared with the modern social media reality. We follow a character on a journey from freedom of expression towards self-censorship. She travels through crowd scenarios to arrive in a noise-absorbing cell, hearing only the sounds of her own body and realizing that she is dismissed, unheard and alone. The work developed from reading trolling text sent to female MPs and learning about the Spiral of Silence - a sociology theory which describes how society can exclude outlier beliefs; and how individuals are silenced as they become isolated. The work reflects on the personal risk assumed when we express opinions contrary to the mainstream.


Short Film. January 2020. (2 mins 51s)
A short art film which uses reflection to explore how our own behaviour influences other peoples' responses towards us; and that unconditional love is fantasy. Visual reflections created from light on enclosures of glass, mirrors and shiny surfaces generate a dreamlike aesthetic. In tandem, the sound is based on personal reflections from personality profiling and 360 degree feedback questionnaires used to drive behavioural change. Music has been developed from medical imaging equipment.

First Impressions

Short Film: April 2019. (3 mins 54s)
IMPRINT exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art, Nov 2019.
This narrative autobiographical film explores stereotypes by playing with the viewer’s  first impressions of different subjects. First impression response depends on the observer and  is often influenced by initial context.