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Sound Alone

Sound-only works have been broadcast on Radiophrenia, Soundthought and HearSay International Audio Festivals, as well as radio across the UK and Ireland.

The Punk Glass Swan (Radio Play)

The piece was written as a humorous response to the famous academic article “The Pink Glass Swan” which explores the curious class system within the art world. The work uses a faery tale structure with fun sound to poke fun at the art system, questioning whether art is really work.

The Mermaid, the Musician and the Millionaire (Audio Book)

The writing was inspired by lyrical Irish words and phrases that cannot be translated into English. The work responds to the Irish audio project ‘Sea Tamagotchi’ (Magan, 2020), which is collecting and preserving the Gaelic vocabulary of Atlantic coastal communities in a sea dictionary.  Minimal sound effects of the sea were used as background, with a reliance on the spoken word leaving space for the listener to build their own personalised imagery of the story in their head, as they would when reading a book.


This soundscape presents a woman’s journey home after a Saturday night out, thematically underpinned by the ‘Reclaim These Streets’ movement, which aims to make streets safe. The work was inspired by the 2021 murder of Sarah Everard at the hands of a Metropolitan Police Officer. It aims to generate empathy around the experience of street crime, ask the listener to question what can be done and raise a call to action for all.

All the sounds in the work are representational. For example: (i) Seven steps are used as rhythmic musique concrete throughout – The Seven Steps programme from Plan International shows how to be an active bystander near a woman walking alone at night. (ii) Gas stove sounds are used to illustrate the ‘gas-lighting’ of women’s experience. (Gas lighting is a form of psychological manipulation where a false narrative leads to someone questioning their own reality.)


A sound journey into the future by stepping into a time machine.
Shortlisted for the HearSay International Audio Prize 2021.